No, you can`t. Only certain types of legal fees are tax deductible and, in your case, legal fees are capital and therefore not deductible. The case of taxpayers was significantly weakened because it helped the co-accused conceal income and assets from the IRS, measures that would not benefit the company. Moreover, the fact that tribute payments also concern other companies denied the conclusion that the fee-paying company`s expenses were normal and necessary. Before shareholders` legal fees are deductible, the company must demonstrate that legal action is the direct result of action taken by the shareholder in favour of the paying company. As a general rule, the courts will decide that actions that benefit the shareholder or that are not directly beneficial to the group do not promote its activity. When a company is unable to justify an exclusive commercial purpose, the deduction is denied and a constructive dividend is charged to the shareholder. The upfront cost of starting a business may be paid by the company or reimbursed to the director, but these costs are not allowed for corporation tax. All insurance products are eligible expenses, such as professional liability and liability insurance.B. They can also benefit from key man insurance and certain types of life insurance.

The general rule is that if the payment of a debt is taxable, then the premium will be tax deductible. All your paper clips, pens and paper can be claimed, not to mention the enormous cost of postage. Fortunately, e-mails are free! Couriers can be solicited, as well as other office expenses such as cleaning, loo roll, tea and coffee supply. Such planning usually involves significant accounting, legal and evaluation expenses. Are these charges deductible from the corporation or do they constitute a tax benefit to the shareholders themselves who, if paid by the corporation? This question was asked directly in the tax court of Truck Base Corporation v. The Queen in 2006. While each proceeding will depend on its own facts, this decision of the Tax Court in Truck Base Corporation/The Queen for the assertion that the company has its own legitimate interest and the expenses it represents with respect to those interests will be deductible from the company, even if the shareholders have a strong personal interest in completing the termination of the estate or in drafting a shareholder contract, as in this case. However, if the expenses do benefit only the owner/manager and the shareholder (in this case the expenses associated with the creation of the family trust), the legal and accounting fees are a benefit to shareholders when paid by the corporation. result. For the IRS. Legal fees to defend a business are deductible. The payment of expenses for others is generally not the case.

However, if a payment is to be encouraged by a reporting company, the fees are deductible. There is a two-part test that allows CPAs to determine whether these payments are deductible. First, the payment must have been made primarily for the benefit of payment transactions. Second, spending must be normal and necessary. General maintenance of your property is permitted, such as incandescent bulbs, repair of defective appliances, etc. However, major improvements/renovations should be activated and added to the basic costs of the property. While not covered in this case, legal and accounting expenses resulting from a sale of shares by the owner or manager will also be taxable benefits when paid by the company, but transactions involving the sale of shares will also result in significant social work in the transaction. In the case of a fair distribution of these royalties between the company and the shareholder, the amounts allocated to the company should be deducted from the company without benefiting from taxable benefits to shareholders.

Friday, April 9th, 2021

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